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I'm very happy with the benefits I think I've gotten from taking my capsules! I feel like it's helped in every area and I'll definitely repeat the process when we have number 2! 


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I have been raving about this since I had my second little guy back in July! I literally took my last pill a couple weeks ago. I had a big baby and might have missed some days here and there but I was so sad when they were gone. So thankful they lasted as long as they did. For me they evened out my hormones and I produced a TON of rich milk. I had a 9.12 lb baby on July 16. At his 4 month checkup a week and a half ago he was 20.5 lbs. I felt a huge difference in my emotions. The first time around I had high anxiety with some blues and real worn down feeling. This time was much easier and I felt I kept my emotions in check a little better. I highly recommend this and have encouraged many others to look into it. I truly can’t thank you enough. I had a bit of a traumatic birth and you were so sweet and made the process and experience so easy and wonderful.

~Carissa A.


...real results from real families...

This experience has been totally different from the last--thank you! The capsules are working out great. I have really great energy, feel positive and relaxed. Can't thank you enough for you care, skill and helpfulness. 


I was very hesitant to encapsulate my placenta.  I was referred to Morgan and Fruit of Labor by my midwife.  Morgan is AMAZING!  She was comforting and prompt with responses to emails and text messages.  She is very knowledgeable about placenta encapsulation and the benefits as she has done it herself.  My pills were ready very quickly!  Upon taking them, I noted that I was more relaxed but had energy to keep up with my toddler after being up all night with the baby.  As a nursing mother, I noted I was able to put back quite the supply before returning to work, which helped me feel at ease.  I have pills leftover that I take when I'm feeling drained and they help me get over that slump.  I will definitely use Morgan and Fruit of Labor with any future children.


Kristin S.

placena encapsulation, kansascitydoulas, welcomebabykc, fruit of labor, fruitoflaborpe, placentaencapsulationkc, kansas city, benefits, placenta encapsulation, lees summit, missouri
placena encapsulation, kansascitydoulas, welcomebabykc, fruit of labor, fruitoflaborpe, placentaencapsulationkc, kansas city, benefits, placenta encapsulation, lees summit, missouri

I heard of Fruit of Labor from my midwife and was instantly curious about the process. I looked up the website and began to read about it and wanted to give it a try. Morgan is awesome about answering all of my questions. She is very professional as well. I received my capsules fast and timely. I chose to encapsulate to help with lactation. After taking the capsules my milk came in faster than my other pregnancies. Our goal is a year and we are currently at nearly 7 months. I truly don’t think we would have made it this far without our placenta capsules from Fruit of Labor.

Sarah M.

I decided to try placenta encapsulation with my fourth baby. I've suffered from postpartum depression with my three previous children, but am happy to say that after using Morgan's services with my fourth I've had one of the best postpartum experiences thus far. I was hesitant to try it, but after discussing it with my Dr., and midwife, we all agreed I was a good candidate for it. For the first time after having a baby I did not suffer from extreme depression. Even after using all of my pills (my little one is going to be 3 months old soon), I have yet to experience that severe kind of depression. Thanks Morgan!! 


placena encapsulation, kansascitydoulas, welcomebabykc, fruit of labor, fruitoflaborpe, placentaencapsulationkc, kansas city, benefits, placenta encapsulation, lees summit, missouri

I first learned about placenta encapsulating on Pinterest. I found it very odd, but it sparked my interest. After doing more research online I thought I would give it a try. Being a first time mom, and suffering from depression and anxiety, I was willing to try anything to avoid PPD. I can honestly say encapsulating my placenta was 100% worth it. I had more energy throughout the day/night, and relied wholeheartedly on these pills. I think they helped me get over the “hump” of postpartum. I love holistic approaches and thought, “why not reuse this awesome piece of my own body that provided for my baby for 9+ months?” If you’re looking for more natural approaches to conquer depression/anxiety after birth, I would highly suggest placenta encapsulating! 

~Kaylee C.

 The pills gave me the burps. I thought that was pretty gross, but I kept taking them. I kept telling my dh that I didn't think they were working, but I kept on taking them. I couldn't see hardly any immediate benefits. I took them for about 3 months or so with plenty to spare. I have to admit looking back on that time, and even now I have had no PPD. With the other kids I would have day after day of things that would send me in deeper depression. I haven't had that with my last baby. In fact I am happy even on the days that are really stressful. In reflection I can say that the pills worked for me. I would recommend them to anyone. Thanks for your help! 


Morgan from Fruit of Labor is a god send! I chose to encapsulate my placenta in September of 2016. Morgan gave me all the instructions needed in order to make it a smooth process at the hospital and even picks it up after birth! After she dropped my pills off at my home, I started taking them immediately and could see the effects. I felt extra energy, zero sadness, and had more milk than I could ever need! When I have a second child, she is the first person on my list to contact. I would do it again in a heart beat. Thank you Morgan! 


Whitney S.

Morgan was available very last minute, picked up the placenta same afternoon as delivery, then returned to the hospital with the capsules in less than 48 hours. They have been a lifesaver and have pretty much kept me level-headed through very little sleep, feeding struggles due to slight jaundice, and all of the other postpartum junk. My milk came in and let down quickly, which helped immensely with breastfeeding (baby girl didn't take well to colostrum and early milk). Thank you, Morgan! 


My hormones and I have never had a balanced relationship, except during pregnancy.  My midwife and doula both recommended placental encapsulation, and Morgan took care of my placenta.


As a mom: Morgan did a fantastic job with my placenta, and I wish my "placenta pill" supply had been infinite!  The placenta capsules helped me manage my postpartum hormonal state, and I believe my struggle with postpartum depression was much milder than it would have been without the capsules.


As a doula: I recommend encapsulation to my clients, especially those with a history of hormonal imbalances/disorders (such as PCOS).  I see a great benefit in the ability for moms to help "wean" their endocrine systems from the placenta's impact during pregnancy.  Moms who choose to encapsulate their placentas seem to recover more quickly postpartum, and self-regulation in taking capsules makes a positive difference for moms who may be at risk for postpartum depression or milk production issues.

Morgan is professional, efficient, and compassionate, and offers a variety of encapsulation options to meet different needs.  I highly recommend her services!

Hope R.

That day you dropped the capsules off I was wiped out-beyond belief and feeling gloomy. The next day I felt MUCH better! An unexpected effect was a relief of after pains. I notice them when I miss a dose, but they went from crazy labor-like to not even registering as a "thing." I also noticed the night I missed a dose. I was very teary and filled with worry over the kids. Next dose and all was well again. amazing! 


I absolutely loved it and wish I would of encapsulated with my older two! My husband works out of town so I was literally by myself with 3 kids under 4 right after the baby was born. I had energy, I was happy, and found myself such in a good mood overall. The breastfeeding was a piece of cake and I just felt at peace which was the total opposite while pregnant. Morgan couldn’t of made it any easier for me. She picked up at the hospital and delivers to my house just two days later! After receiving them she answered any questions throughout taking them! I recommend doing this x1000! 

Tabatha M.

The capsules are helping a ton! I take one when I feel weepy or cranky, and I'm back on an even keel within 10 min. or less. Thanks so much! :)


There are some people to whom you shouldn't speak until they've had their coffee... for me, it's capsules! Thank you, Morgan!! 


I had a fantastic experience with Fruit of Labor! Morgan was super fast at picking up my placenta from the birth center and was able to get my capsules out to me as promised despite a hectic schedule. She is professional, friendly, very knowledgable and an all around amazing person! My babymoon has been fantastic thanks to her. I chose both the TCM and Simple method and have found greater energy, clear-headedness, increased libido and emotional support from taking them. The Simple method especially gave me a huge energy boost. Morgan also let me sample her new placenta salve- LOVE it! It smells divine and I've been using on baby, my tummy, nipples, you name it. I whole-heartedly recommend all her products and am SO happy to have found her! :) 

Ioana H.

It's amazing what we women can do with our bodies. Seriously, we are awesome :) I also wanted to let you know I've noticed a HUGE difference in my emotions already. You are a God send, Morgan. Really. Thank you for making me feel more normal. 


I chose Placenta Encapsulation for myself and my family for two reasons: I wanted a babymoon full bliss and breastmilk! And I certainly have not been disappointed! My milk came in the very day following my first dose. As for my mood, I believe the hormones in my placenta capsules have allowed me to be "in" and enjoy every single moment of my newborn daughter's first month of life. I have never felt more energetic or "on top of things" as I did following my pregnancy. My milk supply is steadfast and strong; and in addition to feeding my daughter, I have had enough to put back a freezer supply! In addition to blessing me with preparation of my placenta capsules and their speedy delivery following my daughter's birth, Morgan is a dream to work with and talk to. She answered all of my questions so thoroughly and left no doubt in my mind that this was the path that I wanted to go down to secure an enjoyable and memorable time after my first child's birth. 


I had my placenta encapsulated with my first baby and I will definitely be doing it again with the next baby. Morgan was so easy to work with! I mean, she comes to the hospital to pick up the placenta and brings the capsules to your house when they are done! I had nothing to compare it to, but my recovery was easy, my milk supply was through the roof, my mood was great, and my energy level was high. After hearing other people's stories, I feel like these capsules were the reason without a doubt. They made all the difference! Thank you Morgan, and you will be hearing again from me with the next baby!

~Kenzie H.

 I was an emotional panicky wreck shortly before having baby and definitely after.

It took me a few days of figuring out the right dose of Placenta pills to be me again. I had so many benefits from them. I was back to being me. I had so much milk I could feed a small army and I feel as though I healed way faster than I did my first. 


 Once I no longer needed my pills, I just stored what was left over. Now, if I have a bad day or a day where I feel emotionally and hormonal unstable, I take one and it helps me so much to balance and control myself and just get a grip.


I would definitely recommend Placenta Encapsulation to any  expectant mother and I highly recommend Fruit of Labor Placenta Encapsulation.  I will not be going without them again!!

~Dyan R.

If you had asked me 5 years ago what my thought are on Placenta encapsulation I would have said something like "eww" or "you are joking right" - I thought it was crazy for anyone to do that. In July of 2015 I had my son and it took me MONTHS to feel like myself again. I was anxious all the time. I had highs and lows daily - not extremes, but much more than I had ever had before. I was a mess. When I got pregnant with my daughter, I decided that I was not going to do that again. I started researching and talking to my doctor and midwife about my options - placenta encapsulation kept coming up. I fought it. My stigmas kept creeping back up. People I talked to kept telling me their thoughts, most of which were negative. Then my nurse mentioned Fruit of the Labor. She said that she had heard amazing things and that she really thought that it would be something that could benefit me. 

I started doing my research. 

More milk supply. 

Less anxiety and depression. 

More energy

Increased release of the hormone oxytocin (baby bonding hormone/uterus shrinking)

Where is the downfall??

For me, if having my placenta encapsulated did even one of those things, I was in! I did my research of people in the area that did encapsulation and realized that Morgan was the best option. When I reached out to her she answered every question that I had and eased all worries that I had. 

My daughter was born at 11pm on a Wednesday and Morgan was there the very next morning. My first day home, she drove the pills to my home and told me exactly what I needed to do with them and when to take them. 

I started taking them that day. I felt amazing. I had the energy to take care of my newborn and chase around a 2 year old. My husband had to go back to work the Monday after she was born, and I was on my own. I thought for sure that I was going to be a hormonal mess - but I wasn't.  I was ME! I felt like myself again just a few days after giving birth. It took me months to feel that way the first time. 

My milk supply was astounding. I was feeding my daughter and still pumping 20oz+ a day. 

Anytime I had any questions, Morgan was so helpful. I still have her phone number in case I have any questions, and I have recommended her to EVERYONE I have talked to.  


If you are a skeptic like me, just take the plunge. It was worth the money and was literally life changing! 

Thank you Morgan!! If I decide to have a baby number 3 - I will absolutely be using you again!! 

~Rachel M.

Words cannot describe how amazing my experience was with encapsulating my placenta with Morgan. She answered all my questions and concerns from the beginning and made me feel completely at ease about the entire process. I had a scheduled cesearen and she was there the same day to pick up my placenta and get it ready! We had a very stressful experience with the birth of our little guy including a five day stay in the NICU. To say those were the hardest five days of my life would be an understatement. The stress of not being able to nurse right after delivery, and trying to pump every few hours and getting nothing was devastating. Morgan came back within 24 hours with my pills and after 12 hours of taking them my milk came in stronger than ever! I have also always struggled with depression and anxiety so the baby blues after birth can be very daunting, but with these pills I didn't even experience them this time! Not to mention my hair and nails grew like crazy which is always a plus! If you've been on the fence about it, please don't be! It is a decision that will change your entire post partum experience! Thank you again Morgan Jones, you made my experience better than I could have imagined!

~Jessica N.

I was skeptical about having my placenta encapsulated, but after further research, decided to go ahead with it. I reviewed multiple providers in the KC area. Morgan made us feel comfortable and confident about the encapsulation process. Her service was outstanding. I had an unplanned C-Section. I had zero postpartum depression and recovered quickly and easily from my C-section. I know that that it was largely due to how my body was restored from my encapsulation pills. We plan to use Morgan again when we have our next baby!

~Megan S.

Morgan is the best at what she does! She made this process completely worry-free, it was so wonderful. She picked up my placenta from us at he hospital and returned it to me encapsulated so quickly! She was also so helpful to me when I had questions post-partum and I felt like I could ask her anything. I struggled with depression and anxiety before my pregnancy and so I was concerned these things might ramp up in me post-partum, but they never did. I think the placenta capsules helped SO much! Whenever I got a little down I would take the “energizing” capsule and if I got too anxious or stressed I would take the “calming” capsule, and I truly know it helped me balance my mood. I’ll definitely use Morgan for all my future pregnancies and I recommend her to everyone I know!

~Ellen L. 

Just wanted to say thank you. I've been taking 3 pills between 1-3 times per day. Luckily, so far I seem to have been blessed with a baby who sleeps pretty well and has an easy-going disposition. But I can definitely tell some big differences in my postpartum experience this time vs. with my son. I am far less emotional, seem to be able to stay present and not stress as much about the little things; my milk came in faster and I definitely have a greater supply. I feel like the postpartum bleeding is not as bad. I have not had to take nearly as much pain medication with this C-section vs. my last one. Overall I just feel better, happier, have more stable moods, and am enjoying my baby much more this around. Thank you for what you do and for being so discrete. It helped my comfort level with everything. I'm very glad I decided to encapsulate. Although I was skeptical at first, I think it was most definitely a very good decision for not only me, but my whole family. Thank you! 


Thank you

I first decided to encapsulate my placenta with my first born in 2015. When I first heard about this process I rolled my eyes and thought “Gross! Who does that?”  But the more research I did on it I became intrigued.  Postpartum depression runs in my family and I wanted to do everything in my power to avoid it, as well as ward off crazy hormone swings and the baby blues. I figured I would give it a try.  My son decided to come three days after we closed on our new home and therefore we were moving in when he was just a week old.  I had a lot of energy to unpack and get things organized and I have the placenta pills to thank for that! I also had a great milk supply thanks to the placenta pills.  My hormones finally felt balanced (after 9 months of crazy) and my mood remained positive.  I know this was all a result of the placental pills.  So of course in 2017 with the birth of my second I decided to use Morgan again and have her encapsulate.  My second little guys is now 2.5 weeks old and again I am feeling good and my milk supply is abundant.    I know these pills are making a difference and I have Morgan to thank! She’s been professional and easy to work with both times and I would highly recommend her and her services to any expectant momma!


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