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My name is Morgan Jones, momma to four amazing kids.  My interest in placenta encapsulation started after the birth of my second child.  After experiencing postpartum depression with my first two children, I looked into more natural ways to combat depression.  With baby #3, I went through the process of preparing his placenta, but still could not get over the ick factor and never did try the capsules I had made.  Sadly, I again fell subject to postpartum depression.  Between baby #3 and 4 I started researching placenta encapsulation further and learned more about the science behind encapsulation and the female endocrine system during pregnancy and the postpartum time period.  I was determined with my fourth birth (2011) to get over the ick factor of placenta encapsulation and rely on the science behind it and give it a try.  I had the most amazing recovery with my fourth birth.  I had energy. I felt wonderful. I did not experience the anger, mental confusion and fatigue that plagued me with the other births.  I felt stable and the most “me” I had ever felt in my life! I became sold that placenta encapsulation is an amazing postpartum healing tool and desired to help others in their postpartum recovery too.  

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In May 2012, I had a friend contact me to process her placenta, having watched my positive experience, and my business has taken off from there.  I have spent countless hours researching encapsulation and feel confident in my understanding of how placenta encapsulation works and how best to safely encapsulate for others.  I am plugged into a network of other placenta encapsulators who I am able to bounce ideas off of.  I am OSHA Blood-Borne Pathogen certified and I am a retired  La Leche League leader.  

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