Fruit of Labor Placenta Encapsulation

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Quotes Just wanted to say thank you. I've been taking 3 pills between 1-3 times per day. Luckily, so far I seem to have been blessed with a baby who sleeps pretty well and has an easy-going disposition. But I can definitely tell some big differences in my postpartum experience this time vs. with my son. I am far less emotional, seem to be able to stay present and not stress as much about the little things; my milk came in faster and I definitely have a greater supply. I feel like the postpartum bleeding is not as bad. I have not had to take nearly as much pain medication with this C-section vs. my last one. Overall I just feel better, happier, have more stable moods, and am enjoying my baby much more this around. Thank you for what you do and for being so discrete. It helped my comfort level with everything. I'm very glad I decided to encapsulate. Although I was skeptical at first, I think it was most definitely a very good decision for not only me, but my whole family. Thank you! Quotes
Thank you

Quotes I had a fantastic experience with Fruit of Labor! Morgan was super fast at picking up my placenta from the birth center and was able to get my capsules out to me as promised despite a hectic schedule. She is professional, friendly, very knowledgable and an all around amazing person! My babymoon has been fantastic thanks to her. I chose both the TCM and Simple method and have found greater energy, clear-headedness, increased libido and emotional support from taking them. The Simple method especially gave me a huge energy boost. Morgan also let me sample her new placenta salve- LOVE it! It smells divine and I've been using on baby, my tummy, nipples, you name it. I whole-heartedly recommend all her products and am SO happy to have found her! :) Quotes
Ioana Hampton
Happy and Super Satisfied Momma!

Quotes Morgan was available very last minute, picked up the placenta same afternoon as delivery, then returned to the hospital with the capsules in less than 48 hours. They have been a lifesaver and have pretty much kept me level-headed through very little sleep, feeding struggles due to slight jaundice, and all of the other postpartum junk. My milk came in and let down quickly, which helped immensely with breastfeeding (baby girl didn't take well to colostrum and early milk). Thank you, Morgan! Quotes

Quotes This experience has been totally different from the last--thank you! The capsules are working out great. I have really great energy, feel positive and relaxed. Can't thank you enough for you care, skill and helpfulness. Quotes

Quotes I'm very happy with the benefits I think I've gotten from taking my capsules! I feel like it's helped in every area and I'll definitely repeat the process when we have number 2! Quotes

Quotes The capsules are helping a ton! I take one when I feel weepy or cranky, and I'm back on an even keel within 10 min. or less. Thanks so much! :) Quotes

Quotes There are some people to whom you shouldn't speak until they've had their coffee... for me, it's capsules! Thank you, Morgan!! Quotes

Quotes That day you dropped the capsules off I was wiped out-beyond belief and feeling gloomy. The next day I felt MUCH better! An unexpected effect was a relief of after pains. I notice them when I miss a dose, but they went from crazy labor-like to not even registering as a "thing." I also noticed the night I missed a dose. I was very teary and filled with worry over the kids. Next dose and all was well again. amazing! Quotes

Quotes The pills gave me the burps. I thought that was pretty gross, but I kept taking them. I kept telling my dh that I didn't think they were working, but I kept on taking them. I couldn't see hardly any immediate benefits. I took them for about 3 months or so with plenty to spare. I have to admit looking back on that time, and even now I have had no PPD. With the other kids I would have day after day of things that would send me in deeper depression. I haven't had that with my last baby. In fact I am happy even on the days that are really stressful. In reflection I can say that the pills worked for me. I would recommend them to anyone. Thanks for your help! Quotes

Quotes It's amazing what we women can do with our bodies. Seriously, we are awesome :) I also wanted to let you know I've noticed a HUGE difference in my emotions already. You are a God send, Morgan. Really. Thank you for making me feel more normal. Quotes